Over 65 Computer Generated Forecasts
This site provides objective, unemotional computer generated forecasts for stock indexes,
interest rates, currencies, and the US economy. One, five and ten year forecasts are
presented, depending on the index.

Graphic History of the Financial Markets
Great efforts have been made to provide an extensive collection of financial
information in graphic form. Just one glance at a long term chart can provide
tremendous insight into the historical behavior of the financial markets. Five year
charts, ten year charts and charts covering many decades are shown for stock
indexes, currencies, interest rates and the economy. The longest term chart covers
more than a century for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

These pages were designed to help you to chart a better course for your financial
future based on the wisdom gleaned from a graphic history of the financial markets.

Statistical Commentary
Objective statistical analysis for each financial index.

Premium Services
Forecasts, analysis, statistical commentaries and charts are available free of charge
to visitors at ForecastChart.com on a time delayed basis.

Subscribers receive premium services. Premium services include our most recent
forecasts, analysis, statistical commentaries and charts. To receive access to premium
services, please click the login button in the top right corner of any page of

This site is a service of SignalTrend Inc., a Texas Corporation, located in
Tyler, Texas, USA. SignalTrend began publishing forecasts in 2005. Forecast-chart
com began publishing forecasts in 2008. SignalTrend also owns LittleBigHomes.com,
TwinCharts.com, and Forecast-Chart.net

I wish for you the greatest of success!

J. C. Phillips
Editor of Forecast-Chart.com and President of SignalTrend Inc.
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